Ecusta Paper Bill Brevard NC

History of Brevard NC: From Tiny Village to Eco-Tourism Hub

Nestled amidst the majestic peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brevard, North Carolina boasts a rich history deeply intertwined with the rise and fall of a local giant – the Ecusta Paper Mill. Today, Brevard is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, vibrant arts scene, and outdoor adventures, but its story unfolds like a captivating novel, with chapters filled with industry, innovation, and ultimately, transformation. This is the story of the history of Brevard NC!

Humble Beginnings: A Village Takes Root

Brevard’s journey began in the late 18th century as a small village known as Brackenville. Named after John “Jack” Bracken, a Revolutionary War veteran, the settlement attracted residents seeking a peaceful life amidst the scenic mountains. In 1831, the village was officially incorporated and renamed Brevard in honor of Ephraim Brevard, a prominent North Carolina politician.

The Rise of the Paper Giant: Ecusta Mill (1939-2002)

The year 1939 marked a turning point in Brevard’s history with the construction of the Ecusta Paper Mill. Built by the Ecusta Corporation, the mill quickly became the town’s economic engine. Utilizing the abundant water resources of the Davidson River, Ecusta specialized in producing high-quality cigarette paper, bible paper, and other specialty grades.

For over six decades, the Ecusta Mill provided a steady source of employment for Brevard residents. The town grew alongside the mill, with schools, businesses, and housing developments catering to the influx of workers. However, the paper industry faced challenges, and in 2002, the Ecusta Mill shuttered its doors, leaving a significant economic void in Brevard.

Ecusta Paper Bill Brevard NC

Transformation and Rebirth: A New Chapter for Brevard

The closure of the Ecusta Mill forced Brevard to reimagine its future. Rather than succumbing to economic decline, the town embraced its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Transylvania County’s more than 250 stunning waterfalls, long a source of local pride, became a major tourist draw. The arts scene flourished, with galleries, studios, and festivals attracting visitors from across the country. Outdoor recreation took center stage, with Brevard becoming a haven for mountain bikers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts.

Today, Brevard thrives as a dynamic mountain town where history and nature collide. While the towering smokestack of the Ecusta Mill stands as a reminder of the past, the cascading waterfalls, vibrant arts scene, and adventurous spirit define Brevard’s present and future. Check out our guide to downtown Brevard to learn more about shopping, dining, and art galleries in this vibrant mountain town.

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