Massage Tips For Cyclists + Pilot Cove In-Room Massages!

Written by Heidi Plant of Unwind Home Spa Services, LMBT #11587,

Professional athletes and teams know the value of regular massage therapy, and many have a licensed massage therapist on staff. Massage is more than pampering relaxation, it is an integral part of health and self care. We approach massage for the athlete a bit differently, depending on where you are at in your training or event. A light pressure, brisk paced, massage within 24 hours of a hard workout is recommended to encourage blood flow, and muscle healing. Four to five days after this, we may encourage deep tissue techniques and stretching to encourage a release in especially tight areas. If you are regularly active, but not a competitive athlete, We recommend an integrative approach with a combination of pressure, stretching, and varying pace. Regular massage can aid in increased range of motion and flexibility, a shortened recovery time, and awareness of your body.

Massage for the cyclist and mountain biker:

Long mile road cyclists are bent at their hip flexors and tend to roll their shoulders in with their back curved, while putting their neck in a position to see the road ahead. Mountain bikers have similar issues, but with added stress on the joints from absorbing the weight of the terrain. You may also have a tighter grip while riding and experience aches in the hands and forearms. Let’s not forget the feet! We put them through a lot, and sometimes we can achieve full body relaxation just by focusing on the feet. Let your therapist know what your activities are, and where you feel sore. Together you can customize a session to get you feeling better, faster.


We designed a package for Pilot Cove guests that works well for the active outdoors type, or the person that just wants to relax. The beauty of the massage portion is that it is customized. Our therapists are fully licensed and certified in many modalities. So whether you need a post event sports massage to encourage blood flow, a deep tissue to release chronic overuse injury, or an
integrative relaxation massage- we listen to you, and create the perfect session. The foot soak portion includes healing magnesium rich epsom salts with essential oils, and herbs. Stress can deplete magnesium in our bodies, but it can be restored through the skin with a soak. It is beneficial in reducing inflammation, soothing sore muscles and joints, and relaxing the nervous system. This portion also includes a foot massage, exfoliating scrub, hydrating mask, and warm herbal booties.

Also we’ve teamed up with a few local, small businesses to include a gift of artesanal herbal tea in a souvenir mug with a honey whipped, chocolate treat. This 90 minute Pisgah Package is $175, and includes travel, set up, and souvenir mug from a local potter. Also we have taken mobile massage to the next level by including the pampering aspects found in high end spas. This includes heated tables, hot towels, skincare, nail care, enhancement add on options, and some of our most favored products. Unwind HomeSpa can create a quiet couples experience with side by side services, a fun party atmosphere with a group of friends, or just an afternoon set aside for individual self care.

Choose the Pisgah package, or visit our website to choose your ideal services and read more.  For more  info and to book a massage, please contact Heidi Plant through her website –